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Remodel Without Going Bonkers or Broke

How to approach a professional remodeling project to achieve success

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"Remodeling Minute" Videos:

Super-short videos that answer common questions about real remodeling projects. Gota minute or so to spare? Get a golden remodeling nugget in each video!

What is one must-have feature for a bathroom remodel?

This homeowner asked for my recommendation for a must-have feature in a bathroom remodel. I've recommended this one to almost every client that has done a Master Bath with me. What feature would you choose?

What's the best type of kitchen sink?

This question comes from someone about to remodel their kitchen for resale. They want to know what sink type would be best for their project. What type would you use?

The Best Way to Get Contractors to Take Your Call

There is one key that will assure that the contractors you call will call you back, show up, and take you seriously. When it does not happen - you failed to do this one thing.

How to Tell Your Remodeler That They Screwed-Up!

Getting swift and corrective results when a remodeler has screwed-up is an art. You definitely catch more flies with honey than with vinegar in this situation!

The ONE Feature to Focus On in a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens are chock full of more details, choices, and options than any other remodeling project. So what ONE THING should you focus on when you plan your kitchen?

The Best Projects to Increase the Value of a House (#1)

This is a common question with an interesting two-part answer. Part 1 is in this video, Part 2 is in the next video.

The Best Projects to Increase the Value of a House (#2)

This is a common question with an interesting two-part answer. This video is Part 2 of the answer.

Pros and Cons of a Vessel Sink

A friend wanted my opinion on whether using a vessel sink was a good idea for her guest bathroom. What is your opinion?

"I'm doing a kitchen project. Where do I start?..."

This is so common! Most homeowners have not remodeled. So it's understandable you feel confused and overwhelmed. Fear not. Help is available.


Remodeling Seminar Videos:

30 to 60 minute teaching videos on key remodeling subjects.

Be sure to download the notes for the videos you watch.

Kitchen Design Basics - Part 1

How you should think about kitchen planning. These are 8 major decisions you need to consider BEFORE consulting with designers or remodelers about your new project..


Kitchen Design Basics - Part 2

Start thinking spatially about your new kitchen arrangement. Discover the basics of Kitchen planning. Every early kitchen decision has spatial implications.


    Additional Seminar Videos: